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The Sport Ireland Campus Fitness team is delighted to announce the reopening of our gym and pool for members from Monday, June 7th 2021.

We have been busy over the last few months planning for the reopening and we look forward to welcoming you back to a safe fitness environment. Safety is our number one priority and we have implemented new systems and protocols to ensure your health and wellbeing and that of our staff.   


Check out this video to learn about our new protocols and the measures that have been taken to ensure that you can train in confidence and comfort. 


a.     Temperature check – everyone that enters our buildings will be temperature checked. 

b.     Perspex protection  - we’ve installed Perspex dividers in key locations to protect our customers and staff  

c.     Hand sanitisation stations – you will of course find hand sanitiser units throughout our facilities 

d.     Anti- bacterial spray stations – customers are asked to wipe down equipment with anti bacterial spray and paper towels after they use the gym equipment. 

e.     Information signage – there is signage and information screens throughout our facilities to remind and inform customers to take all reasonable precautions during this time. 

f.     One way systems have been set up in some facilities which are highlighted by floor graphic vinyls and will be explained to you on arrival. 

g.    Our new online bookings system will ensure that contact tracing can be implemented if necessary. 

h.    Social distancing has been implemented by applying reduced capacity to our gym / class and pool spaces, giving you more space and comfort to train. 

i.     New cleaning regimes have commenced to ensure that your exercise space is sanitised.   Exercise areas and frequently touched surfaces are sanitised regularly, with 30 minute breaks between each training session for cleaning.

j.     Covid Officers have been identified for each building and will ensure that all of our new procedures and protocols are implemented.  If you wish to speak to anyone at any stage please email   


We are thrilled to have two spacious facilities for you to work out in a gym.  You can book a training session in the NAC gym (usual location), or our new gym space in the Sport Ireland National Indoor Arena, in the Athletics Training Centre. 

Gym sessions are available for 90 minutes, with 30 minute gaps to allow for cleaning and sanitising.  

Pool sessions are available for 60 minutes with 30 minute gaps to allow for cleaning.  The Pool will be in 50m format until July 19th.

Classes with smaller capacities and social distancing can also be booked online.

You can book online or on the new APP from 3 days in advance of the day you wish to train.



You can book your space on our brand new App, or online.  Simply follow the instructions below. 

You will need your membership number which has been emailed to all members, or you can email our Customer Service team on to request your number. 

You can download the app on your phone here: 

Iphone -  

Android - 

Steps to book: 

Click here for full steps on how to book

Click here for full step instructions on how to register to book

You'll need to 'link your membership' to your online account so that you can book free usage of gym/ pool/ classes.​

Please note you'll need your membership number.  If you do not have your membership number or did not receive an email, please email



Key changes due to new industry/government COVID 19 guidelines  

a.       The changing rooms will remain closed with separate toilet access.  Lockers are available for small bags on the gym floor.

b.       There will be no showers available.   

c.       The Health Suite will be closed – No sauna/ jacuzzi/ team room.

d.        Water fountains will not be available to use.

We await further government guidelines and will reopen these facilities as soon as possible 


What we ask of customers: 

  1.    You must use our online booking system/ phone app to reserve your slot 

  2.    Please arrive ready to work out  

  3.    Please bring your own bottle  

  4.    Please bring your own towel 

  5.    Please allow a few extra minutes wait time before your start time to check in and get your temperature checked

  6.    If you have a temperature over 37.5 degrees you will not be allowed to enter

  7.    Please clean down equipment with anti-bacterial spray and blue tissue roll provided after you have used equipment

  8.    Please wash hands after each exercise 

  9.    Please limit congregating in groups 

  10.    Usage of face masks is discretionary

  11.    Follow one way systems 

  12.    Respect 'Over 55s only' session at 11am daily in the new NIA gym

  13.    Members must not  book more than one slot per session for their membership and will register on arrival via reception 



Thank you for your support.

We look forward to welcoming you back!

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