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Fitness Class Attendance Control System 

Starting from Tuesday, November 21st, class penalties will come into effect for all members. We have received consistent feedback from members that it can be difficult to get registered for some classes. However, in a number of cases, there are spare spaces due to members who cannot attend.  By setting up this system, we will ensure that members cancel their space when they cannot attend, and this will free it up for members on the waiting list.  This system will ensure more members get into our busy classes more often.  

What does this mean for you?

All members will now be required to cancel class bookings that they cannot attend. This will free up more space to allow you to train more often in group classes. If you don’t get into a class, our waiting list system will notify you when places become available.   

To facilitate the culture of canceling classes that you cannot attend, we have implemented a cancelation rules system through the measures outlined below.   
By canceling your classes when you cannot attend, you will avoid accumulating ‘strikes’ or a penalty, facilitating more members to join a class, and you will continue to enjoy uninterrupted access to fitness classes.  

Class Bookings

1. Classes can be booked up to 3 days (72 hours) in advance.
2. Each member is allowed to book a maximum of 3 classes per day.
3. Cancellations can be made up to 60 minutes before the class start time.


See instructions on how to cancel your class attendance below;

How to Check & Cancel Your Class Bookings

On the Sport Ireland Campus App: 

Go to the ‘Your Bookings’ tile. Here you can view your upcoming and historical class bookings. To cancel, select the upcoming booking and select ‘Cancel’, and then click ‘Yes’ to complete the cancellation. 


On the website: Login to your Membership account here and select ‘View Bookings.’ Here, you can view your upcoming and historical class bookings and the attendance status. To cancel an upcoming booking, select the red X, and then click ‘Confirm’ to complete the cancellation. 

 If you require assistance, contact us at

Class Attendance

4. Members' class attendance is recorded when the Member swipes in with their Membership card at the turnstiles located near Reception.
5. The entry swipe must be recorded within 90 minutes of the class start time, for attendance to be recorded.

Why & When Strikes Are Applied:

6. If a member misses a class and/or fails to cancel within the permitted cancellation time, you will receive 1 strike per missed class.
7. If a member accumulates 3 or more strikes within a 3-week period, they will face a 3-day ban from joining fitness classes.  
8. During the penalty period, booking any fitness classes will not be possible on the app/online.


9. Members will receive an email notification when a strike is applied to your account, and you will see your penalty detail on your account if you log in online, as outlined below.



10. Once a penalty is applied, you will receive an email. Your account will automatically resume once the penalty time has been completed

Check your account status

To check your account status including the status of these strikes or the length of your penalty, Members will need to login to their Membership account here:

*The App will let you know when a penalty is in place, however, it will not provide details on the number of strikes or length of the penalty. To view this, please log in to your account via the website here

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